13th October 2016 at 10:00 am Hotel Thon Brussels, Belgium

Project Final Event

The SSL-erate project, which launched the Lighting for People portal, ends in October 2016. The project connects science to lighting as the most powerful regulator of the day-night-rhythm of people. The project creates awareness for cities that Solid State Lighting is important for the social and economic dimensions of a sustainable development. And the project fosters the collaboration between companies and stakeholders across the value chain by the Open Innovation approach.

The objective of this final project event is the presentation of striking results from the project supported research and of case studies from cities and companies.

Time: 10:00 – 17:00 followed by a reception
Location: Hotel Thon, Rue de la Loi 75, 1040 Brussels

10.00 Welcome and opening – Pieter Bolt, TNO, Netherlands
10:10 Human centric lighting – insights and practical recommendations
Moderator: Diederik de Stoppelaar, LightingEurope
Key-note - Prof. Dr. Christian Cajochen, Centre for Chronobiology, University Basel, Switzerland

10.40 Metrics for human centric lighting, Dieter Lang, Osram, Germany
11:00Recommendations and opportunities for implementation – Yvonne de Kluizenaar, TNO, Netherlands
11:20Malmo school case: experiences of human centric lighting in the class room from viewpoint of a teacher - Anna Milstam, Lindeborg School, Malmö, Sweden
11:40Human centric lighting in elderly dementia homes - Claus Søgaard, lightCARE A/S, Denmark
13:00City experiences with indoor and outdoor LED lighting | Mediator: Reine Karlsson - Lund University, Sweden
13:05Key-note: Drs. Mary-Ann Schreurs, Elderman of Eindhoven City, Netherlands
13:30Malmö school case: early implementation of Human Centric Lighting and plans for the future – Olle Strandberg, Malmö City, Sweden
13:50LED outdoor lighting experiences - Jarl Hoogstad, Ingjerd Bratterud, Stavanger Kommune, Norway
14:10Human centric lighting for indoor night applications in prison wards - Pranciskus Vitta, Vilnius University, Lithuania

14:30 Advancement of intelligent lighting in the city domain - Mark Burton-Page, LUCI association, Lyon, France
14:50Coffee & tea
15:20Accelerating business development with SSL technology through the Open Innovation approach | Moderator: Peter Bracke, Green Light Flanders, Belgium
15:25Opening message – Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke, ESADE business school, Barcelona, Spain
15:35Key note – Marc Steen, TNO, Netherlands
16:00Human centric lighting based product and service development - Alberto Sozza, Luce in Veneto, Italy
16:20Malmö school case: this HCL installation is an enabler for ICT based business development - Dan Löfgren, Brainlit AB, Sweden
16:40Lessons learned from open innovation in the SSL business context – Peter Bracke, Green Light Flanders, Belgium
17:00Closure and reception – Pieter Bolt, TNO, Netherlands

In each section, various experts will give insights to research, case studies or product innovations.

In order to register for participation please send an e-mail to .
Please notice that there will be limited space and that we may have to limit participation.

We look forward to meeting you in Brussels.