Lighting For People launches Open Innovation toolkit

Lighting For People today launches its Open Innovation toolkit, to help business and other stakeholders to collaborate more effectively in creating dynamic lighting solutions. Created by lighting business experts from across Europe, the toolkit forms part of a drive to capture the real potential of intelligent SSL solutions. It is becoming more and more accepted that the lighting industry needs to break away from current business models and doing “more of the same”, and explore and create new ways of working to capture the potential added value of Solid State Lighting technologies.

Open Innovation is a collaborative process, that facilitates open dialogues, knowledge sharing and learning. It can help organizations and industries from supply-side and demand-side come together to address problems, accessing knowledge and skills that would previously have been unavailable, and thus improve the lighting solution. The toolkit provides a framework for this to happen, along with advice on how to manage the process and ensure a productive collaboration with all partners.

To find out more about Open Innovation and download the toolkit, please visit our dedicated Open Innovation page