20th May 2015 at 12:00 am CityCube, Berlin, Germany

Smart Lighting Conference, Berlin

20-21 May | CityCube, Berlin, Germany

This conference brings together professionals from throughout the lighting industry and beyond, to discuss opportunities for lighting to move beyond simple illumination, to providing smart, human centric solutions.

Two representatives of the Lighting For People project will be giving their expert opinions on the exciting prospects for the lighting industry. At 13:30 on May 20th Nils Erkamp of TNO will be discussing how the value that lighting can offer is changing; where previously a user may have looked for the lowest cost and energy savings, now with the advent of LEDs we have the opportunity to control the lighting in tune with the user’s needs.

Then at 15:30 that afternoon Prof. Herbert Plischke of the University of Munich will be explaining how light can affect our wellbeing and health in a number of applications, whether it is in a healthcare environment, at work or at home. Prof. Plischke draws on his expertise to show how powerful the effect of light can be on the human body, and how lighting could, with the right control, dramatically improve our wellbeing.

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