19th April 2016 at 9:00 am Royal institute of Technology, Stockholm Read more

KTH lighting Laboratory is organizing an Index Seminar on Digital lighting

You are invited you to take to assist to our next Index Seminar here at KTH, the topic is Digital lighting. It´s our 4th edition for the discussion of one of the most relevant topic now a days within the lighting community (previously known as LED Index Seminar).
The panel will be formed by some of the most influential actors in the field of digital lighting.

In order to continue and strengthen the connections between industry and university, the Lighting Laboratory offers a platform of discussion where five of the most important and influential LED manufacturers take part in a seminar. The aim is to outline the present and near future of the digital lighting / LED technology from each of the perspectives that each speaker represents.

The Index Seminar is addressed to young and stablished lighting professionals together with educators and lighting industry representatives that will discuss together with the presenters the latest developments in digital lighting technology, applications and philosophy.

The main objective of the seminar is the understanding of WHERE ARE WE TODAY, AND WHERE ARE WE HEADING WHEN IT COMES TO DIGITAL LIGHTING?!
Each speaker will perform a presentation of:
1. TOP 1 PRODUCT / APPLICATION available today in the market!
2. Idea of the TOP 1 digital lighting related product to be available in the market WITHIN 3 YEARS time!

There will be time to check out samples/products in display by each of the presenters, for further question and learn directly from each speaker face to face.